NameCheap : Looking For Best Domain & Hosting 2019

NameCheap : Looking For Best Domain & Hosting 2019

There are several other things needed to be a success in this filed. But the basic is these two things. The requirement of hosting may vary from person to person but the overall work is almost the same. In SEO point of view, you need to have the best web hosting in 2019. People are searching everywhere for the best web hosting providers. There is hundreds of hosting services provider in the worlds. If you just Google the query “web hosting”, you will find a number of results. You may also find some paid ad pop in the first 4 to 5 search result. Besides these paid ads you will also find hundreds of website providing web hosting.

So, here is the main question arises, how to choose the best web hosting providers among these? This is obvious to ask this type of question. How we consider a web hosting provider as the best? This is a common question asked several time. There are hundreds of hosting companies. How can we figure out which is the best web hosting providers among them? Well, it is not that much difficult than people think. There are several indications you can analyze to figure out the best web hosting providers. The properties like price, the performance of the server, uptime, security, support, user feedback makes a hosting service provider as best. We have to just analyze all these above properties and figure out the best. Based upon these criteria here I am going to figure out one of best web hosting providers.

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Name Cheap was founded in 2000. The CEO and founder is Richard Kirkendall.  A lot of webmasters have been hesitant to host with them because a number of registrars have also transitioned into the hosting industry.   We have all heard of various hosting providers that are unreliable and have poor business practices and hardly attend to their clients’ needs. It’s not new to read about how bad a web hosting company is, regardless of its top-of-the-line infrastructure.  However, Name Cheap doesn’t fall into that category.  In fact, they have built a rock solid foundation in the registrar business.   I have been registering domains with them for years.  So, I am excited to check them out for web hosting.  I will let you know all the plans they offer, their uptime and performance statistics, about their customer support, and finally a summary which either recommends or points you elsewhere.

Domain Names Obviously, one thing Name Cheap is known for his domain names.  They are one of the biggest domain registrars and started primarily as a domain registrar.  You can register hundreds of domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, .us, etc.  You can register a domain name with them starting at $3.98/year.  A lot of domain registrars do raise the price for your domain name after your first year.  However, a lot of them raise it to $15-30 dollars per year.  Name Cheap is different for .com domain names because it cost just under $11/year.  You do get a small price break if you want to register your domain name for longer than a year though.

Name Cheap Features

It is no surprise to see limited disk space in three out of four options available. With starting prices so low, ‘Value’ and ‘Professional’ plans offer logical limitations. 20GB or 50GB disk space is more than enough for blogs or personal websites.  Every plan supports SSL but it is not included anywhere. However, since it is supported, you can easily use a “Let’s Encrypt” certificate for no cost or purchase one from Name Cheap

Multiple server locations and an opportunity to choose your server is a great feature. But as mentioned earlier, a British server is going to set you back an extra sum of money. Instead of some other providers with worldwide servers which allow you to choose a server at will, Name Cheap uses a slightly different procedure. If you want to switch from a cheaper US server to a more expensive UK server, you will have to pay an additional $1 a month in order to get that. If you decide to go the other way around, you get your money refunded.

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There are no additional costs for changing the server. While frustrating, such pricing makes sense as the colocation costs in the UK are higher than in the US and with such low starting prices, the company can’t afford to lose any money. I also appreciate the company refunding you if you decide to move to a cheaper server. It’s not much but it’s a nice gesture. Speaking of caring about the clients, Name Cheap support is 24/7, however, you can only reach them via live chat or a ticket – bad news if you prefer a phone call.

A free .website domain for the first 12 months is a nice little touch. This way, you can make your own website and have a personal domain, without paying anything extra. In addition to that, you also get WhoisGuard domain privacy protection, so your personal information remains unreachable.

Name Cheap Features Shared Plans  Shared hosting is a service that allows a user to create multiple Web sites under one server while each Web site has its own domain name. Each option Name Cheap offers scale upwards with size of the allocated storage space and the number of websites Name Cheap allows the user to host on the server. Stellar Plans offer storage space RAID protected, unlimited bandwidth, and a number of websites to be hosted: Value ($ 2.88/mo. or $30.88/yr., 20GB, 3 websites, Unmetered bandwidth), Stellar Plus  ($ 4.88/mo. or $52.88/yr., 50GB, Unlimited websites, Unmetered SSD-Accelerated Disk Space, Unmetered bandwidth), and Stellar Business ($8.88 or $98.88/yr., 50GB, Unlimited websites, 50 GB Pure SSD Disk Space, Unmetered bandwidth). Therefore, the plan a user selects will predominantly be regulated based on the amount of storage space needed versus number of websites that need to be hosted. However, the Business SSD option allows users to utilize the speed of a solid state drive which would be optimized for e-commerce websites, unmetered bandwidth per month.

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Reseller Plans Reseller hosting allows users to sell their server space to customers that want their websites hosted by the user. Name Cheep’s plans in this category all scale upwards along the Three options: Nebula  : $ 16.88/mo. – 25 resold accounts ; 30 GB disk space; Unmetered GB Bandwidth; and Free cPanel/WHM : Galaxy Expert : $ 26.88/mo. – Unlimited resold accounts ; 90 GB disk space ;Unmetered GB Bandwidth; and Fee cPanel/WHM : and  Universe Pro : $36.88/mo. – Unlimited resold accounts ; 150 GB disk space ; Unmetered GB Bandwidth; and Free cPanel/WHM, WHMCS Starter. Thus, decisions should be based on storage versus the number of resold accounts the user is planning.

VPS Plans VPS or virtual private server allows the user to run any operating system on the machine they purchase with all privileges available. This is important for users because it allows them to fully customize the server with any add-ons that may be needed for their websites. Name Cheap offers 2 plans in this category as well. VPS Pulsar: $ 14.88/mo. – 2 CPU Cores; 2 GB RAM; 40 GB SSD RAID 10; and 1000 GB/mo. Bandwidth. VPS Quasar: $ 24.88/mo.  –  4 CPU Cores ; 6 GB RAM ; 120 GB SSD RAID 10 ; and 3000 GB/mo. Bandwidth In addition to purchasing the server, Name Cheap offers the option to allow user to self-manage the server free of cost or let Name Cheap handle it for $30/mo. or $75/mo. for fully managed plan.

Dedicated Plans  

Name cheap allows users to purchase a dedicated machine.  This is the most powerful and reliable (but also most expensive) type of server you can use. Dedicated server web hosting plans range from Pentium G6950: $34.88/mo. up to Dual Xeon E5620: $98.88/mo. or per month.  But for that price, the hardware and software that make up the server are dedicated to you and your needs—no sharing, no virtual networks, just a dependable and dedicated server. You can even choose to self-manage the server if you want additional control! Most servers operate at 100% uptime and just as the VPS plans, Name Cheap offers the server management plans in this category as well. In addition, Name Cheep’s servers are located in a Tier IV data center in Phoenix, Arizona.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dedicated Plans:

What exactly is a dedicated server?   A Dedicated Server comes with all the resources—including root access—from one physical server. Offering optimal security and maximum bandwidth, it’s ideal for those who are a bit more tech-savvy (managing and configuring servers, for example) and for businesses that are resource-intensive, handling a considerable amount of daily traffic.

What is the main difference between a dedicated and clearance server?  Think of Dedicated Servers as an umbrella, referring to those physical servers that are provided by a client company (i.e. Name cheap), which are then rented to one business for their exclusive use, configuring and operating remotely. Clearance Servers are, in essence, previously-used Dedicated Servers at a cheaper price.

What does User-Responsible Server Management refer to?  As the name suggests, this type of management requires that the user takes full responsibility for the managing of that particular server. This requires more of a general understanding of Linux and the command line to ensure everything functions well.

Control Panel I tend to favor hosting companies that use cPanel, because it’s what a lot of webmasters and I am familiar with. Thankfully Name Cheap does use cPanel and it’s not a branded or dumbed down version of cPanel that a lot of other host use which limits the functionality. One thing I really do like about their cPanel is that they use Cloud Linux. This is very important on a shared platform because you can set usage limits on the CPU usage and RAM. Scripts are supported with Name Cheap, as well. You can use Softaculous to install over 100 applications within cPanel. This makes it a breeze to install Word Press, Joomla, Drupal, etc.

Performance You can test Name Cheap and their TTFB was very fast. It was .157. Webmaster likes to host with a company that has decent performance.  Meaning they are using the latest hardware and do not oversell their servers, causing other websites to run slowly.  The web hosting industry has been moving towards SSD hosting for many years now.  I have been reviewing different companies for 6+ years and seen a lot of host offering SSD hosting.

As far as performance goes it shouldn’t be an issue with Name Cheap.  I do favor companies that use SSD hosting.  They do on their “Business” shared plan which is $20/month.  Dedicated servers do come with SSD (some of their plans).  What I do like is you can get a dedicated server with SSD hosting for about $70/month.  This is a tremendous value.

Name Cheap Customer Support Name Cheap does have 24/7 customer support.  You can get in contact with them through live chat or start a support ticket.  They have a very large database of how-to videos and lots of articles that will walk you through any and everything you could possibly want to do.  I have spent about 30 minutes going through their how-toss and do find them to be quite good.  Name Cheap does use a Kayako support system for their live chat which is an excellent resource for customer support.  Over the years I have talked to Name Cheap on live chat and they were very quick to respond to my questions.  Live chat takes about 1 minute to connect and support tickets are usually answered within 6 hours.

The only thing I don’t like about Name Cheap in terms of customer support is the fact that they don’t have telephone support.  Sometimes it’s nice to be able to just pick up the telephone if you want to talk to an agent to get your issues resolved right away.  However, live chat is very helpful and they do a wonderful job at assisting their clients.  Support tickets are also very helpful and they fully explain issues to you.

Name Cheap Summary

Robust Security   Your web hosting company provides the first line of defense against any kind of attack, ranging from malware, viruses, spam to DDoS. But with Name cheap you’ll sleep well at night. You see, they will give you 50 FREE SSL certificates for your sites. In addition, they prevent spam and viruses using Spam Experts and protect your online identity with WhoisGuard. Suffering from DDoS attacks? Name cheap has support for Cloud Flare that will keep your site online when faced with massive traffic attacks.  Name cheap offers SSH access for secure browsing, hot link protection and IP blocker.

Solid Word Press Support   Word Press is the world’s most popular content management system (CMS). And this platform is what most bloggers and web site managers will use. The good news is that Word Press is fully integrated into the Name cheap platform. And you can install it with one click from the cPanel.

 Low Prices   If there’s one area where Name cheap shines, it’s their prices. In addition to great prices, their plans come loaded with just about everything a web hosting manager needs. And as we saw above, their Shared Hosting plan has the following prices:  Stellar: $2.88/month; Stellar Plus: $4.88/month; and Business: $8.88/month. With the exception of the stellar plan, you’ll get unlimited number of domains, storage and bandwidth. So you have plenty of resources to scale whatever online business you have in mind. Name cheap is truly one of the best budget hosting services today. Name cheap offers a very generous 30-day money back guarantee!

Beginner Friendly   Name cheap is very easy to use. The setup is done in minutes and afterwards you can start building your site right away. If you want to migrate an existing site to Name cheap, they have a simple step-by-step guide for doing just that. And if you want to start a new site, they have tools for register a new domain name or transfer an already existing domain over to Name cheap. Beginners will find it very easy to get started with Name cheap. While more advanced users will find all the advanced tools they need to run their online business empire.

They have a very solid resume as a registrar.  The same can be said about Name Cheap for web hosting.  Their prices for shared hosting are a little steep for some.  Their VPS plans are right on par with other hosting companies.  Their dedicated plans are priced fairly.  Some of them are even cheaper than other companies too.  They have a plethora of plans you can choose from.  No matter how big or small a server you require Name Cheap can handled anything for you.

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