How to Start Your Dropshipping Business With Aliexpress

How to Start Your Dropshipping Business With Aliexpress

There are a number of reasons you should consider dropshipping: You don’t need buckets of money: Dropshipping makes it amazingly easy to get started selling online. You don’t need to invest heavily in inventory, yet you can still offer thousands of items to your customers. Convenience and efficiency: Successfully launching and growing an ecommerce business takes a lot of work, especially if you have limited resources. Not having to worry about fulfillment is incredibly convenient and frees up your time to concentrate on your marketing plan, customer service, and operations. Mobility: With all the physical fulfillment issues handled, you’re free to operate your business anywhere you can get an internet connection.

Turnkey Dropshipping Or Dropshipping Store By Yourself
Turnkey Dropshipping Or Dropshipping Store By Yourself

There are two types of businesses that should consider AliDropship. The first is a business that wants to dropship but doesn’t have the resources, or skills to make the online store. In that case, you could contact AliDropship Team and ask for a custom dropshipping solution configured with access to AliExpress and all of the backend tools to start selling. These design services are reasonably priced compared to many other developers you’ll find online.

The other type of business that should consider AliDropship is one with have a WordPress site already running. Or, you might have experience with WordPress and WooCommerce Plugin and want to start  dropshipping store with that platform. In this situation, you’d pay for the AliDropship plugin and install it on your WordPress. After that, you’re able to stick with your website’s design and start adding products to the store and make a selling.

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Dropshipping business often come up with promise futures of success and financial wealth without putting in much work. However, if you’ve been in the dropshipping business before, you know there’s nothing easy about it. It’s great for smaller companies without much starting capital, and we also like it for established brands that would like to branch out into a new product without having to buy in bulk.

Since dropshipping is so similar to regular ecommerce, we love finding tools that expedite the process for vendors and make business easier. AliDropship is one of those tools, and in this AliDropship article, we’ll outline which features are offered to help your business and if it’s worthwhile for you to check out.

Have you hear about AliExpress? If you’re not familiar with AliExpress, it’s part of the giant Alibaba company from China. Alibaba is similar to Amazon but it dominates the Asian market instead of more of the western world like Amazon.

Eventually, Alibaba came out with a service called AliExress, which allows businesses and individuals to purchase individual, or smaller batch, products for close to wholesale pricing. Because of this, many dropshipping plugins and apps have been created to instantly pull AliExpress products into your online store. AliDropship is one of those plugins, but with some differences. Hera are two AliDrpshipping One is AliDropship Custome Store and the other ia Dropshipping Plugin.

The Alidropship Custom Store

The ALIDROPSHIP CUSTOM STORE also known as Turnkey dropshipping store – is a normal online store where you go to buy a product. But this time around it’s ready-made. Specifically built for dropshipping and exclusively created for you. It’s a ready-made dropshipping store developed by high skills designers and programmers with other technical specialists – who are responsible for developing it from scratch.

The custom dropshipping store is a perfect solution for those wanting to make dropshipping business as another source of income – but have limited time. Also, it’s perfect for those that have no prior knowledge about building a website but want to start a dropshipping business. Here the Easiest Way to Start a Dropshipping Business  Let They build you a perfect custom store that will work on autopilot and bring you profit for the years to come as Passive Income.

Let Them create a store for you  Make your start 100% hassle free − even with zero dropshipping experience!

How it works

  • Step 1   Place your order for a ready custom store (Basic;Advanced; or Ultimate)
  • Step 2  Your personal manager will contact you to start your build
  • Step 3  Our team will work tirelessly to create a premium dropshipping store for you
  • Step 4 You get a turnkey business ready to make you money

BASIC  ; US $299 ; Add hosting – $48/year ; (Free SSL Included) ; One-time payment ; All the tools necessary for a fast and easy start to your dropshipping business ; Number of products ready to sel (50)

ADVANCED; US $499 ; Add hosting – $48/year ; (Free SSL Included) ; One-time payment ; Includes additional features and marketing tools for your business rapid growth ; Number of products ready to sel (100)

ULTIMATE; US $899; Add hosting – $48/year ; (Free SSL Included) ; One-time payment ; Perfect for a 100% hassle-free start with a store ready to make immediate profits ; Number of products ready to sel (200)

Get Your Store !

Get a Done-for-You Dropshipping Store

  • Ali Dropshipping Team builds your webstore from A to Z
  • We help you select the most profitable niche
  • We create a unique design to your exact preferences
  • Your personal manager guides you through every step
  • No work is required from you, and no experience is necessary
  • You get a turnkey business ready to bring in the profits!

GET A CUSTOM STORE Starts from US $299 (one time payment)

Having the store is the fastest way to start a dropshipping business with AliExpress. This is because your store will be directly linked with AliEpress with the help of the Alidropship Plugin. The store gives you time to focus on other things or the most important which is marketing your product.

How do I get the custom store?  Ordering the custom dropshipping store is quite simple. However, first thing first, you need to place an order. After that, the rest is fun. Here is the breakdown, as soon as you place the order :

You Get a Personal Project Manager   The project manager will be in charge of coordinating your store project and will be answerable directly to you. He/she will give you access to their Basecamp – this is a special platform where you can monitor the progress of your store. Furthermore, you will be given a questionnaire to fill to learn about your requests and preferences. Your project manager will be there for you all the time to answer all questions or receive your comments about the progress of the project.

Discuss the details  You get to discuss exactly what your preference should look like. The result of your store will be in the proportion of the details you provided for the specialists. They want to know exactly what you want to see in your store so as to provide you with the best service they can.

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Monitor the Process  You also get to follow every process of the project and leave your feedback. This way both teams are on the same track.

Access your store as soon as it ready  As soon as the store is ready your project manager will provide you with guidance and instructions on how to manage the store and also promote it. Immediately they provided you with the access details to the store, you can run and amend it the way you want. In addition to this, you also get to enjoy lifelong support from Alidropship with no additional cost.

Build a Store by Yourself

Create your own dropshipping store with the most powerful plugin for WordPress! Creating your website yourself with WordPress using AliDropship plugin or with WordPress + WooCommerce plugin using the AliDropship WooCommerce Version. Thats mean we believe that you already have experience with set Up a WordPress Website. So this article writing with full assumption that you have experience with set up a wordpress website.

Before we begin let me quickly clarify the difference between WordPress and WooCommerce. WordPress is a CMS (Content Management System) that is built in PHP and MySQL. It’s an online open source website creation tool. While WooCommerce, on the other hand, is a free e-commerce plugin specifically built for WordPress. The plugin allows you to create a beautiful online store with just a few clicks. According to ‘Builtwith’ research, it is stated that over 39% of online store worldwide are built with WooCommerce. This makes WooCommerce a number one solution tool for building online stores.

Here’s the entire process broken down into some simple steps.

Assuming you have a WordPress website installed already

  • Head over to the AliDropship theme page and download one the WooCommerce theme. You can go with the Shopper theme, it’s free and beautiful. Download your desired theme and upload it from your WordPress admin dashboard.
  • Next, copy your license key to activate the Theme. Mind you, if you’ve activated the license key before you need to deactivate to reactivate it on your new website. Once activated, your WooCommerce dropshipping store is fully set up.
  • Purchase, Download, Install and Activate the AliDropship Woo Plugin & Woo Commerce Plugin do not forget to put your plugin licence to activated
  • Add the AliDropship Chrome Extension[1]Click the link and add the extension to your chrome browser.
  • Open
  • Select the product you want to Import
  • Select Import
  • Edit the Images, Variations, Pricing & Sales Page.
  • Publish the product to website
  • Once someone orders, you will be paid via your preferred payment gateway
  • You will then click on “Place Order Automatically” within your WordPress Dashboard. This will open up AliExpress and Auto Populate the Products that your customer ordered and also Auto populate your customers shipping address & details. Then you will pay the AliExpress Supplier with your credit card/paypal.
  • Your AliExpress Supplier will confirm the order and ship to your customer. Normally, if you have chosen ePacket shipping – you will be notified of when it arrived at your customers home.

Step One : Install WooCommerce Plugin 

Here is the breakdown of what you need to do in other to install the WooCommerce plugin.

  • Login to your WordPress Admin dashboard. You can do that by going to your “”.
  • Go to Plugins >> Add New.
  • Search for “WooCommerce“.
  • Select “Install now
  • Click “activate” and follow the setup wizard to build your online store.

Step Two : Installing AliDropship Woo

This process is very similar to uploading the WordPress version. Below is the breakdown of what you need to do:Just log in to your WordPress Admin dashboard.

Go to Plugins >> Add New.; Upload the plugin zip file ; Select “Install now“ ; and Click “activate“

You’ve just successfully installed the AliDropship Woo plugin. The next thing to do is to install a WooCommerce theme for your dropshipping website. Since you are using the AliDropship plugin, it comes with its own free inbuilt themes you can use. So, you don’t need to buy any other premium theme. Any of the inbuilt themes from AliDropship will do just fine.

Head over to the AliDropship theme page and download one the WooCommerce theme. You can go with the Shopper theme, it’s free and beautiful. Download your desired theme and upload it from your WordPress admin dashboard. Next, copy your license key to activate the plugin. Mind you, if you’ve activated the license key before you need to deactivate to reactivate it on your new website. Once activated, your WooCommerce dropshipping store is fully set up.

How to Import Product From AliExpress

Since your dropshipping website is up and running, the next thing to do is to import products from AliExpress and start selling immediately. Before you begin to start importing products from AliExpress you’ll need to install the AliDropship Google Chrome Extension[2]. Click the link and add the extension to your chrome browser. The chrome extension will allow you to import product directly from AliExpress and also update them. You can also collect tracking IDs and process you orders automatically.

Once the extension is installed you need to start importing your products. To do that login to your WordPress =>> AliDropship =>> Import Products.

Click the “Use Direct Import” button to add products directly from AliExpress. Once you click the button you’ll be redirected to AliExpress in a new tab. However, make sure you don’t close the AliDropship importing section, because it needs to be opened all the time while you import products. The chrome extension setting can be found on the red bar on a product page of AliExpress. You can set search filters by shipping country, shipping method and product description type. You can also select the category you want the product to be imported to on your website from the chrome extension. While on AliExpress category page, the chrome extension will show you the processing time and shipping method available for each product. To import product, simply click on the AliDropship orange logo to import product one by one.

Further Recommended plugins to Supercharge your online store

Besides the dropshipping plugins, you can also use other free WordPress plugins to further supercharge your online store. You can check the following:

  • Social Rabbit plugin. This plugin handles your social media account automatically and allows you to enjoy auto-posting, like, and following that keep your social media active all the time.
  • Force Regenerate Thumbnail. Allows your website to load faster by resizing all your images.
  • Enhanced Media library. Allows you to add your product images in separate Categories.
  • Yoast SEO. You get to improve the SEO of your whole website.
  • Contact form 7. Allows your visitors to contact you directly.
  • UpdraftPlus. Back up all your site content.

[1] Click the link and add the extension to your chrome browser.


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