Get Traffic-How to Get High Traffic With Free

Get Traffic-How to Get High Traffic With Free

by harmen batubara

Talking make money online, actually talking about how to get high traffic. No traffic it is means no money. So where can we start if we want to develop a high traffic website? To make money online? What we need to focus on? The “guru” says methods of web traffic marketing are virtually endless; there are so many tactic and methods in which can be undertaken. New techniques are becoming available every day and tried and trusted techniques are also being used daily. Some techniques come along with claims that this method more better than others, but best in the beginning is to start with the basics idea.

Build your own”Home Sweet Home” website. Bear in mind that your target audience will decide if they’re going to trust you based on the design and content of your site. “Guru” said nobody will take a risk of doing business with you if your website look like just another spammer. Am I right? So, invest time and resources in making sure that your website looks more professional and more frendly. Give your visitors something to believe that they can trust you. The good idea is to hire professional web designers and make sure to update your website on a regular basis. But if you are running out of money, do the best one you can do. The idea is to give your visitors a good feeling and reasons to come back over and over again to your site. Make sure  that your site is easy to navigate and easy to download.

photo seller plugginSEO. Next step is to make your website search engine-friendly. Start by choosing the right keywords that you can use when making each of your web pages keyword-rich. Then, get as many inbound links for your website. Aside from convincing other webmasters to exchange links with you, you can also get quality inbound links through article marketing, blogging, social media marketing, and forum posting. I’ll talk more about these amazing internet marketing strategies later on.

Submit your website to directories. Another way to build links for your website is by submitting it to hundreds of directories. This will help in making it more visible in the online arena and this can also help in pulling up your page ranking.Offer good quality content on your website or blog. You’ll easily be noticed by both search engines and online users if your website is filled with useful information and can help solving the other people problems. What I suggest is that you talk about the issues related to your niche and those topics that are very interesting to your target audience. Then, write with the aim toinform, educate and help these people in solving their problems. This means sharing with them your personal secrets and techniques or giving them a touch of your expertise. If your website is considered a valuable source of great information, you can expect a lot of webmasters to link with you. As Google and other search engines are considering the number of links pointing to one website when assigning page rank.

That is, back link are a king in helping you in securing top rankings on relevant search page results. In conclusion it does not matter which strategy you use the important thing is try at least one method, you will begin to see visitors to your website and do another methods or combine it.

Standart procedure.  Are those free methods that we can apply to develop our high traffic website?. Some time we not realize, and actually all that we need here is a little effort mixed in with a common sense. So lets take a look at my favourite method to develop free website traffic, article marketing. For me, I like to use articles to attract free website traffic because it is just that,free! The second thing I like about article marketing is that it is easy to achieve with a minimum of effort. The other thing about using article marketing to get a high traffic website is it will give us a constant stream of free traffic.

From experiences and mouth of touchs ideally, to start your article marketing campaign, you need relevant keywords, say about twenty or more of relevant keywords that relate to the product you are promoting. Then, take each one of these keywords and write an article around it. Then, publish your articles on your blog or web site. Next, get your articles published on a article directories especially a high quality, high traffic article site, is  a great place to start.You will soon start to see some results as your high traffic website is starting to take shape.

Knowing where and how to run your web traffic marketing campaign is key to success. Seek out correct marketing methods dramatically will increase website traffic and this will increase sales without emptying our pockets. As we mentioned above, keyword rich webpage content, articles marketing, link building, blogging, and advertising. Get all the free stuff down before you start running with expensive web traffic. The good idea you should have a winning combination, and by that way you can starting making money online in a  little time.

Free Traffic That You Can Make  For some people building a website is easy but most of us fail when it comes to gain traffic. We realize traffic are core business of money making online, you can do nothing in money making online if you do not have traffic. The “guru” says Traffic + Conversion = Sales. So without traffic it should be there is no sales, and no money.This article will try to explore the different strategies to increase web traffic to your website for free. Not just any traffic but targetted traffic. All of this not a new, and some of you may have and already use it. I hope the strategies which can increase traffic to your website are:-

Optimize your website for Search Engine. Search engine optimization is the process of improving your website’s make-up and content in order to be placed higher on a search engine. Search engine like Google can only recognise the value of your website from its content(content is a king), some indicator of it came from the backlink you have in your site. So make up structure, give a good content that can solve other people’s problems in terminologies  that search engine can understand. Believe me the search engine will then give you the deserved credit.

Email marketing. This is the fastest and most effective method to get you started in boosting traffic to your website and service. The core idea is to Build your list. You have heard it many times that money are in the list. So Do it properly. Subscribe to an autoresponder service (Aweber is good but if it is too expensive try Rapidrespond) and build a squeeze page. You can use free plugin(maxblogpress OptinFormAdder) or plugin pro. Once you have a list email to them periodically to build that relationship. This method offers you the ability to send reports and other material directly to your friends, family and subscribers. If you serve them better, they would be trusting in you.

Create back link to your website. This actually builds the highway from other websites to your site. Actually if your website good and have incredible or good reputation  you should be have plenty of backlink;it is mean your site was looking for your info and they really need your website services. So if you can not  make any backlink it is as indicator that your site need more up-grade; the idea is  do not get backlink by using blackhate technicque. It is better nothing than your site get penalty. Bear in mind if there are many backlink to your site then naturally there will be a lot of traffic coming to your website.

Using Social media, Lets take a look at FaceBook and Twitter. Bear in mind Facebook is an enormously popular social network, with more than 500 million users. Of those, nearly half are online every day. This gives you an enormous pool of potential people on which to draw.  The other one is Twitter, Twitter now has become one of the most popular communication methods for people all around the world. Technically, Twitter is part of the social media movement. Increasingly, even major Fortune 500 companies have caught on to the value of a quality Twitter campaign. So how you can make it as a sources of teraffic to your site it is a never ending stories. How to use it? You have to joint that social media. The idea is used to draw attention in customers on a friendly concept, and remember the sole purpose of this idea is to grab additional leads for your web business or website. You have to be careful with this technique because a lot of social networks do not allow and do not like to advertise your business on these networks. If you can be creative and careful, you will be able to grab many leads using this method.

Article Marketing. In the arsenal available to Internet marketers, there are few weapons as potent as article marketing. Article marketing is simply the act of creating interesting, original articles and submitting them to article directories. As we talk before and from experiences and mouth of touchs ideally, to start your article marketing campaign, you need relevant keywords, say about twenty or more of relevant keywords that relate to the product you are promoting. Then, take each one of these keywords and write an article around it. Then, publish your articles on your blog or web site. Next, get your articles published on a article directories especially a high quality, high traffic article site, is  a great place to start.You will soon start to see some results as your high traffic website is starting to take shape.

Online Forums. User forums have been around for a very long time. However, they are still valuable marketing vehicles for your needs and this is another great way of getting your website recognized and make more teraffic to your site. If you can write on blogs daily, you can get a lot of free traffic. This technique can be time consuming but if you want free traffic you must put in the work to generate it! These allow you to interact with those interested in what you have to offer, build leads, gain visitors to your website and more.

Free classified ads/Craigslist– Free classified ads is another way of getting your website noticed and Craigslist is one of the most frequently used websites for those buying, selling, looking for work and more. It has a presence in every major city, and most minor ones. As such, it constitutes a powerful tool for your needs. This technique requires creativity. You can not advertise your website free of charge. You have to promote a product or service linking to your website that makes this technique free. If you can be creative, this technique can work well, but like social media sites, you must find a way to hide your URLs or you could get banned.

That’s it  (some) the strategies that you can make to increase traffic to your website which I have always use and always been driving traffic to my site. You can now also use it to drive traffic to yours. How to get teraffic to your site is the core business in Internet money making marketing, as the term implies, is the process of promoting products and services in the online arena. The goal here is for resellers to secure more sales and profits. So it is good to not just thingking about more and more traffic to your site, but how you use it to make more money online is the real your business.

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