Can I Dropship From My Country?

Can I Dropship From My Country?

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by Olga L.

Yes, you can do it!  We get this question quite often, actually, so we’d like to answer it once and for all: you can dropship from ANY destination on the globe. It doesn’t matter whether you live in Belgrade or in Kuala Lumpur or in Manila or anywhere else. Does it make any difference if you are located in Singapore or the United States in case you’re doing all your business activities through a website? Basically, all you need to run a drop shipping store is a stable Internet connection.

Can you go online effortlessly?  If yes, then there’s nothing that can actually stop you from becoming a dropshipper. Let’s go over the whole process again so you could see it more clearly.

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Drop shipping business explained  So, let’s suppose you’ve made up your mind on the perfect drop shipping niche.  To start your business, you need to get a proper website. You can either build it yourself if you get both the skills and knowledge, or alternatively, you can order a ready-made store that is customized to fully suit your needs. In any case, your own location makes absolutely no difference. Internet is global, so all the online works can be done from any place worldwide.

As soon as the website is ready, you need to fill it with items. These are not your own products; they don’t belong to you, you don’t manufacture them, and you don’t store them in a warehouse. Physically, you don’t even see these items – you just post pictures and descriptions of them on your website.

Again, does it matter what’s your country of residence? You don’t deal with storage facilities, and you’re not managing a factory or something. You just find a reputable online seller who has good quality products, and basically repost their pictures and descriptions on your own website. Obviously, you need to make the product pages look perfect, but still, it is all done online, so your physical placement makes no difference at all.

So, your website is fully operational, and one day you see that someone has just placed an order for some of the items you’re offering.Your further actions are really simple: you contact the owner of the store where you’ve taken this particular product description, pay them the item price, and ask them to deliver the item to the address of your own customer.

You see? Your physical actions are not required. You simply write an electronic message to the actual seller to place your own order, and you don’t have to do anything else. All the product issues and delivery tasks are the seller’s responsibility. You only need to write a couple of messages, and this can be done from any point on the globe that has Internet connectionStill unsure you can dropship from your own country?

Are there any shipping limitations?  You’re not asking the original seller to ship the item to YOUR country.You’re asking the original seller to ship the item to the country of your buyer. See the difference? Your location doesn’t matter at all. Yes, you need to check the delivery terms of the seller you’re working with, but you only do this for the convenience of your clients. Your place of living has nothing to do with it.

Are there any legal limitations?  As a dropshipper, you are free to partner with any sellers at your choice.We personally recommend to import items from AliExpress. Here, you don’t need to make any formal agreements with the platform, and you definitely don’t have to sign any contracts with the sellers. You don’t have any paperwork; you simply need to place your order and write the seller a message in case you want a customized package or something like this. In our experience, the sellers here are really friendly and open to communication with dropshippers. This is quite a typical notification you can see on AliExpress:

Here’s another example :

And another one:

Well, we hope you got the idea. AliExpress sellers don’t really care where exactly do you live. As long as you order items from them and pay for your purchases, they are more than happy to communicate with you. And of course, speaking about money, we also need to answer a highly popular question you can see in the following paragraph.

 Are there any payment limitations? When you order an item from AliExpress, you can select the payment method that is the most convenient for you. The platform offers a number of secure ways to pay for your purchase, so whatever country you live in, you are most likely to find at least one way to safely pay for your order.

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And of course, it’s important to make sure that you can accept payments from your customers (otherwise, the whole business has no point, right?) This is why we typically recommend to integrate multiple payment options into your website: you need to be able to accept both credit card payments and PayPal payments.

The reason is, you’re targeting customers from very different parts of the world, and they may have various preferences and limitations in terms of online payment methods. For example, PayPal doesn’t accept payments originating from several countries. So, if you provide your potential customers with an additional way of making a payment (for example, with a credit card), you have it all sorted out.

As you can see, you’re unstoppable. Quite a nice reason to start your own drop shipping journey, right? 

By Olga L. Olga is a content writer at AliDropship, and she aims to explain the most complicated drop shipping concepts in the simplest terms possible. Source :


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