12 Minute Affiliate Done for You System

12 Minute Affiliate Done for You System

12 Minute Affiliate Done for You System  If you’re someone who doesn’t have the patience to undergo training, there are plug-and-play systems that you can play with. One such system is the 12 Minute Affiliate. It’s said to be a done-for-you affiliate marketing program that you can set up in just 12 minutes. Once you have set it up, it’s said that you can possibly earn $460 a day with this affiliate marketing system. Is this really true and is 12 Minute Affiliate a legitimate program or is it just a scam?

12 Minute Affiliate Done for You System
12 Minute Affiliate Done for You System

12 Minute Affiliate is a program that done-for-you system. Its creator is Devon Brown and he claims that his so-called revolutionary system can be set up in just 12 minutes, and it will run on autopilot. He will even tell you that you don’t need any technical skills or experience in affiliate marketing to succeed with his program.

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12 Minute Affiliate is an online “plug-and-play” affiliate marketing system that claims to help you start earning affiliate commissions in as little as 12 minutes. What this means is that you are given the tools and systems to promote different affiliate products, without having to do the hard work yourself. For example, you do not need to create an opt-in page to build your list as you are provided with predesigned lead capture pages, complete with opt-in forms. Essentially, all you need to do with this system is drive traffic to the lead capture page and get people to sign up.

Who Uses the 12 Minute Affiliate System?

The 12 Minute Affiliate systems are designed for people who are looking for opportunities to make money online. It is a done-for-you system that is created by known internet marketer Devon Brown. With this system, you’ll just need 12 minutes of your time daily just to set it up. Once done, the system is said to do everything for you. It is claimed that the 12 Minute Affiliate systems can allow you to earn money. The system is not available for free, though. You can choose to pay a monthly fee or a one-time lifetime fee.

How Does the 12 Minute Affiliate System Work?

The idea behind affiliate marketing is that you can sell other people’s products and earn commission whenever those products sell. With 12 Minute Affiliate, there are 3 main steps involved:

STEP 1: Personalize the system this means that you’ll be adding your affiliate links to the products you’ll be promoting, and setting up your email autoresponder and other aspects of the sales funnel

STEP 2: Add “Done-For-You” Traffic The system gives you the opportunity to purchase traffic to deliver to your offers. The amount of traffic you get will depend on your budget. The problem with this is that the traffic may not be targeted, and as a result, you may not get the result you were expecting.

STEP 3: Keep your affiliate commissions as you’ve set up your account with your affiliate links, you should receive the commissions when you’ve made a sale.

Let see it in more detail 12 Minute Affiliate is a done-for-you affiliate system that was created by Devon Brown, a known person in the internet marketing and network marketing industry. Since it’s a done-for-you system, it is said that you won’t need a lot of time to set it up daily, so then, all you’ll need to do is wait for your commissions to come in. So how does this system work? It’s basically a sales funnel that has pre-designed landing pages and pre-designed emails that you can use. It will also contain done-for-you traffic so you won’t have to worry about that.

The sales funnel is designed for 3 niches, personal development, weight loss, and make money from home. This means that you can promote products from these niches using the 12 Minute Affiliate systems. It’s important to remember that you can only choose 1 niche. If you want to use all 3, you need to pay more money. Since everything is already pre-designed, you just need to personalize it so that the landing pages and email contains your affiliate link.

When you purchase the system, you will get a checklist, which gives you step-by-step instructions on how to start the system. The member’s area will also have different products available that you can promote depending on the niche you select. The products will also include instructions on how to use the resources. The process is simple, after choosing your product; you first need to customize the landing page so that it contains your affiliate link and so the commission will go to you.

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Next is to connect the landing page to your autoresponder and add the pre-written emails. If you don’t have an autoresponder, then you’ll need to get one.Autoresponders are not free, though, there will be a monthly fee you need to pay. There’s usually a free trial period, so you can test them out first before deciding to subscribe. Once done, the next step is to add the done-for-you traffic. The traffic they offer is basically buying a solo ad about the product you are promoting. You can buy it in the member’s area.

And that’s basically it; you will have already set up the 12 Minute Affiliate system. So how much would this system cost? Well, there are two memberships, the Basic and Gold. Basic will cost $47 per month or $397 if you choose the one-time lifetime membership payment. The Gold membership would cost $97 per month and the one-time lifetime membership payment is at $797. Both memberships will contain almost everything, but Gold members will get access to all 3 niches and will have more done-for-you affiliate funnels and follow up messages.

12 Minute Affiliate does have a trial period where you only need to pay $9.95 for 14 days. After that, you can keep the system at the regular monthly payment, depending on the membership you subscribed to.

What’s Included in 12 Minute Affiliate?

In the 12 Minute Affiliate platforms you can expect to find:

  • Done For You” sales funnels
  • Done For You” Emails
  • An “EZ Funnel Wizard” to allow you to customize your sales funnels
  • Access to their Facebook group where you can interact with other members
  • “Done For You” Traffic

12 Minute Affiliate also offers 2 different types of membership levels, depending on whether you’d like to focus on 1 niche site, or 3 niche sites. Each membership level offers different features, which you can see in the screenshot below:

Pricing + Upsells

There are some payment paths within 12 Minute Affiliate, but here are three a quick breakdown of the main pricing and upsells involved:

  • 12 Minute Affiliate(Main Product) – $9.9514-day trial, then $47-97/month OR $397-$797 lifetime access
  • “3 x Your Results Blueprint”(Upsell 1) – $39(onetime fee)
  • Done For You Setup(Upsell 2) – $67-$97(one time fee)

As mentioned above, there are different membership levels available, and as a result, there are many payment paths available too, which you will be able to see in the following screenshots:

Payment Path #1 – (1 Niche + 14 Day Trial)

For payment path #1, the following sequence is for people who choose to have only 1 niche. Here are the steps involved:

  • $9.95for the 14-day trial of 12 Minute Affiliate (1 Niche)
  • $39(one time fee) for Upsell 1
  • $67 (one time fee) for Upsell 2
  • $47/monthfor 12 Minute Affiliate (1 Niche)

Payment Path #2 – (3 Niches + 14 Day Trial)

For payment path #2, the following sequence is for people who choose to have 3 niches. Here are the steps involved:

  • $9.95for the 14-day trial of 12 Minute Affiliate (3 Niches)
  • $39(one time fee) for Upsell 1
  • $97(one time fee) for Upsell 2
  • $97/monthfor 12 Minute Affiliate (3 Niches)

Payment Path #3 – (1 Niche + Lifetime Access)

For payment path #3, the following sequence is for people who choose to have only 1 niche. Here are the steps involved:

  • $397Lifetime Access of 12 Minute Affiliate (1 Niche)
  • $39(one time fee) for Upsell 1
  • $67(one time fee) for Upsell 2

My Conclusion  Believe me It’s actually done for you system. You still have the option to choose. But he’s guiding you though the steps if you really want to learn how to do it.You will integrate it with clickbank and Aweber and you will automatically be able to load all the follow up emails and sync it to the funnels.

12 Minute Affiliate Done for You System
12 Minute Affiliate Done for You System

He’s integrated it so well. You went through it all. The only problem is you need to have money to push traffic. If you’ve got money you can literally order traffic from their recommended sources in member area and direct it to their funnels which pushes emails over 70 days in a row linked to various different products.

A Method That Works – Although there are some aspects of the system I’m not sure on, it’s based on a business model that actually works. Affiliate Marketing can be a profitable way to make money online, if done the right way. 12 Minute Affiliate aims to give you the tools to make being an affiliate easier.

Access To The Facebook Group – 12 Minute Affiliate has a dedicated Facebook group which is a great way for other members to connect and share tips with each other.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Low entry cost to the course – It costs less than $10 to get started

Can access and implement the main training without purchasing the upsells

Can You Really Make $460+ A Day?  With Affiliate Marketing? Yes it is possible to earn $460+ a day with affiliate marketing…and especially if you want to pay for traffic!

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