How to Write the Most Influential Articles Marketing for Your Business

How to Write the Most Influential Articles Marketing for Your Business

By harmen batubara

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Article marketing is known as the white-hat way to get noticed by the search engines and reach your target market. This way considered as a viral marketing method because from a single article one can obtain dozens or even hundreds of references to their name and website. This is why article marketing is regarded as a highly effective marketing tactic. Article marketing can be easy to master and takes just a fraction of the time to master compared to some other of the best techniques used today.

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Content articles are an unbeatable way to generate links, boost your search engine rankings, find new prospects and open up a flood of targeted traffic direct to your web site. You ultimate goal is to write an article, and submit it to article directories, content publishers, e-groups and forums around the Web. Article marketing allows you to post your content (along with a link to your site) on other people’s sites, piggybacking on their marketing efforts. Whether or not you write it yourself, you’ll want content that your target audience wants to read and if successful leaves them wanting to know more of your chosen subject.

Information is More Than Everything

Nowdays Information is almost everything, so make sure you take advantage of it. Spend a considerable amount of time searching for the latest news and most interesting and innovative information related to your product. You do not need to go into great lengths with that – the internet is a readily available and abundant source of information plus you should be more than familiar with the websites popular in your industry. It is always great to add some statistical information – numbers are very influential, easily remembered and give your work greater credibility. Customers value greatly the helpful information you present to them – it is very convenient indeed to receive all the latest related to the products you use or are interested in right into your email box or on the website you visit regularly.

When writing an article either for your website or for email distribution as part of your regular newsletters it should be grabbing the attention right from the start. The article title is crucial for the purpose – it has to be impressive and interesting. The news type title creating some sort of sensation really works, but not all the time. It is a good idea to start with a working title and improve it over the course of the writing depending on the content of your text. The article body should consist of clearly defined points each in a separate paragraph. The most important thing is to always put the highlight on the features, benefits and advantages of the product you are marketing through the article. Even if you are writing news related article always try to incorporate your product in it to the greatest extent.

When writing, always have in mind that the customers do not care much about the product, but how useful it can be to them. Always use the word “you” to make your message more personal and influential. Put the main focus on the rewards people will get from buying your product. For example, people do not buy a shampoo that simply washes their hair, but the one that will make them more attractive to the opposite sex. So, use positive adjectives and not just descriptive adjectives. Your written text should create mental pictures into the reader’s mind that are motivating them to act upon the article and eventually purchase the product. Try to prompt the action of buying the product by using the appropriate phrases in an imperative form and try to avoid the words “should” and “must”.

Imagine to Create New Leads

If you’re coming or looking through this, you’re a network marketer wanting to create new leads. By way of comparison, fishing is a lot like producing leads. You have to be in the exact place, you have to use the proper bait and you have to present it correctly. Well, the internet is the proper place. Article marketing is the proper lure for people in search of information about how to develop their home businesses. You can try, the system is named the PROBLEM AGITATE SOLVE METHOD, or PAS. PAS is a three phase system created by Dan Kennedy the legendary ad copy writer. If you don’t have it, you should get a copy of his book “The Ultimate Sales Letter“. The method is highly helpful, not only in generating internet marketing leads by way of article submission, but via other methods as well. As mentioned, this is a three step method.

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Step One – Identify The Problem The first step is to, identify a problem that your customers, readers, prospects or subscribers are having. Be sure to choose a theme that a large amount of internet business operators experience. Catch your prospects attention by naming the difficulty in the title. By way of example, not having enough prospects. Next, produce your own title, like I did here, how to write the best article marketing articles to create leads. Be certain to use text and ad copy such as “discover how”, “how to” and “learn how to”, etc.

Step Two – Agitate the Problem The key to the PAS techniques efficiency is that once you have pointed out they have a problem you then make them feel the pain caused by the problem. The bet analogy I can think of is that as soon as you inform them that there is a huge gun shot wound in their chest, then you stick your finger in the wound and ask them if it hurts? No, it isn’t all that graphic, but you get my meaning. The two major motivating factors are pain avoidance and pleasure seeking. People will do just about anything to avoid pain. Utilize ad copy to make your prospects feel the pain to write the best article marketing article you can.

Step Three – Solve the Problem Explain how using your procedure or system will answer their difficulties. It’s important not to give away all of the solution to their problem. Recall that your ultimate goal is not to finalize the sale, but to push leads to other websites. Your plan is to make your customers want to learn more about you and the ways you and your system can solve their problems.

Again, writing articles that peeks a reader’s interest and provides quality and helpful information is a great way to build your online business and personal reputation. Writing and submitting articles can be done for very little to no cost. Writing your own articles and publishing them can be free as opposed to paying for Pay Per Click advertising and the more articles you write the more well known you will be and the more functional website traffic you will get.

Submitting your quality articles to reputable article directories creates a back link to your internet business website. The reasoning for this is simple; prominent article directories likely have a higher value to search engines than your website. In conclusion it is fair to say that article marketing is internet marketing by the use of articles to advertise and bring traffic to your website and is a fast, safe, proven method to attract new buyers. Article marketing is considered a viral marketing method because from a single article one can obtain dozens or even hundreds of references to their name and website, which is why article marketing is regarded as a highly effective marketing tactic. Article marketing is most effective when you can create articles that are of value to a wide audience or targeted niche market.

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