Discover: Automated Marketing That Delivers Leads & Sales! 

Discover: Automated Marketing That Delivers Leads & Sales! 

Discover : Automated Marketing That Delivers Leads & Sales!

Your internet marketing is incomplete without a smashing email marketing campaign. Or is it? But, there is only one problem. Finding the best email prospects isn’t easy. This is where Discover Lead Generation Software comes in. They’re claiming that their proprietary lead generation and automation software can do the job for you. So, In this review I will give you an in-depth analysis of Discover Lead Generation Software.  We all know that leads are the life-blood of any business. BUT for a successful business – you need SO much more…Despite the fact that there are millions of businesses out there begging for what you have already to sell them….Did you know that over 70% of new business leads never even receive a follow up from their approach? That’s real money being left on the table. Discover isn’t just a lead generation too Bringing you in a constant supply of fresh, hot, hyper targeted leads on autopilotFar more than just being a lead generation software tool, Discover is: A Complete Sales Automation Goldmine! And Right Now – You Can Lock In A CHARTER license For This incredible program

The Three Problems With Generating Sales. SOLVED With Discover  You Need Leads. Yes. You do. You know it, and we know it. (but that’s not all). ​We’ll Give You Leads. Loads of Them. For FREE. Hyper-Targeted. And ON AUTOPILOT…But simply having those leads isn’t enough…So you’ve GOT TONS OF NEWS LEADS COMING IN – Awesome. What are you going to do now – show off the size of your prospect file??…   The money isn’t going to come to you…You HAVE to contact them.

But FIRST – you need to know what they need. How do you know what to sell your leads if you don’t know what they need? Researching leads manually is a nightmare! (Get ready to increase the prescription on your glasses – this is going to take some serious eye strain!) Do they have a website? Do they need an app?  Would they benefit from mobile optimization? Do they have a Facebook page? Or a video?  Do they already own the product you have to sell them? Do they need an upgrade?  Research like this takes TIME. Masses of time. For Each and EVERY company that’s out there…Discover Will Automatically Show You The Gaps In Your New Lead’s Online Presence – Putting You In The Power Selling Position. Plus Automatically Add All Of Your Fresh New Leads To Your Chosen Project and Pipeline, Using Your Chosen Autoresponder, CRM Or Webinar Platform. Making sure you transform your email from a lead to a customer.

From a customer to a key account. And to do that You Actually Have To MAKE SALES APPROACHES, CONTACT PEOPLE AND FOLLOW UP! (this is where more than 70% of all opportunities are lost!) And THAT’s THE BIGGEST PROBLEM! Forbes’ research states that on average “Only 27% of leads ever get contacted.” That means that 73% of your hot leads are missing out on your offers and services. Most importantly, that means YOU are missing out on 73% of your income.  And you are only picking up a measly 27% of your initial opportunities.That’s if you’re even contacting them at all? …


With Discover, you can contact 100% of your leads EVERY TIME. Without struggling to find the time, without having to be faced with 100 No’s for every Yes And without EVER missing a lead or a sale. Ever Again.Discover is like having an entire sales team working for you, non stop. Pulling in fresh hot leads all day every day –Seeing which ones have a real need for what you sell (qualifying)

Approaching those leads for you. Adding them into your autoresponders and follow up sequences Delivering the right leads your products and services at exactly the right moment. And resulting in Automated SALES coming through to your payment notifications, before you even knew there was a new prospect to speak to. Automated. Sales. Pipeline.

GENIUS  And the best bit? You only have to pay your team once?  For ONGOING RESULTS!:

There are many lead generation tools out there but most just scrape webpages for information. With Discover I am able to automate the process of not just finding leads, it actually responds to them, follows up and adds them to my auto responder! Love it! Thanks Walt! The Beauty of Discover is that it is truly a “hand in glove” software for everything I want to do in my business. Whether I am online or local, I have a tool that can get me leads with a few push of buttons, search the web and social media and integrate those leads with my autoresponder so they can hear my message for RepWarn or anything else that I maybe of service for my clients! Well done Walt!

Discover Will Automate Your Entire Selling Process – Following up with all of your prospects and leads – Selling Your Services And Products Completely On Autopilot. You don’t have to be a web expert, graphic designer or video guru (If you are, GREAT! Discover is ready and waiting for you to make those sales) If you’re not – Don’t worry. Because you already have in your hard drive – more potential income than you can ever wish to access.

Your hard drive is a living, breathing ATM waiting to be unlocked. Be honest – think about your JVZoo accounts… and that hard drive of yours…How many products have you bought that are sat there, lying dormant?  Their profitability going to waste? And… Now we have a completely automated sales pipe- line, Can I offer you an IMMEDIATE solution to use that new power, and profit from it RIGHT NOW?

His name’s Walt Bayliss and in the past 8 years, he have made over $3 Million Dollars online. Creating software solutions that change the way people do business online for the better.  Making things, faster, easier and In the industry we’re in, every day we’re surrounded by these awesome online solutions being released to the world.  And if you’re anything like me, You’ve bought tonnes of online products that can help you make money. Products that help you to create websites: Products that help you create mobile apps: Products that help you make videos. Products that help you grow and manage I Products that help you grow and manage Instagram; Products that help you to optimize and rank websites; Products that help you reputation manage ; And much, much more…


These are seriously valuable tools  But like any tool – if you don’t use them – They’re pointless. If you don’t take action – how can you ever expect to get anywhere? Action is the foundational key to all success.Pablo Picasso  IF Ray Kroc had stayed at home in his sweatpants watching Netflix INSTEAD of driving across the country with a mixer…We wouldn’t have McDonalds…Ok, times may have changed, but the point stands:

All you need is Discover. FINDING AND QUALIFYING LEADS IS THE HARDEST, AND MOST TIME CONSUMING PROCESS OF ALL SALES ROLES!  Just imagine if you could automate the ENTIRE process of finding leads, qualifying them and selling your products and services with smart sales funnel automation software. Software that not only brings you in a flow of fresh, warm, valuable leads ON AUTOPILOT.That not only shows you the gaps in the online marketing of all of your new leads – so YOU can step in and make that easy sale… But also gets your message out there right away to your new leads instantly, via your autoresponder, webinar platform for your CRM. Your perfect message – for your perfect lead – at the perfect time. Finding leads, opportunities and profits for you 24 x 7

DISCOVER: Takes away the DRUDGE Of filling your pipeline and approaching endless leads in an effort to find the ONE that says yes. Discover Delivers the YESES. Discover is going to change your world. Meet The Most Sophisticated And Easy To Use Sales Automa- tion Software On The Planet. Giving You A Never-ending Supply Of Fresh Hot Targeted Leads On Autopilot  AND Automating Your Entire Selling Sequence

Discover Gets You Leads So You Don’t Have To. Discover Pre Qualifies Leads so you don’t have to Discover Sends the initial approaches so you don’t have to Discover Makes sales I’ve spent a good amount of time with the Discover software and..I love this software!  It’s not only powerful and immediately provided me with more leads than I can handle for my marketing businesses, but it’s also really simple to use and intuitive!  The ability for the platform to organize and drive my projects and leads to close is also without question an awesome feature! Thank you Walt!!

For You  Let’s Have A Look at How It All Works:  How often do you want to want to search? Just set it up and Discover will run to your schedule without ever calling in sick What do you want to find? Targeted prospects delivered to your pipeline 24×7  Where do you want to put those leads inside your pipe- lines? Discover will allocate the right people to the right fol- low up email sequences for you based on the criteria you set.

How much money do you want to make?  Discover is all about automation. Well that’s your choice Discover IS:  Simple   All you need is to just enter your keyword. Discover will bring you fresh, hot, targeted leads on autopilot  Ready To Sell  Discover integrates with all major au- toresponders. Connected   Discover integrates with Zapier; Which means Discover can automatically send your leads to your favorite

CRM SYSTEM – AUTORESPONDER – SLACK CHANNEL- TEXT MESSAGE SERVICE  Or Even announce them on Google Home!  Hands Free  Automates your entire business  Personal To You And Your Business Create your own projects, pipelines and entry points for all of your fresh new leads.

Specific  Add a prospect into a pipeline at ANY point during your selling process. 

  • Always Looking  For Opportunities  Discover tells you whether your new leads have Facebook pages, Mobile Apps, whether their sites are mobile optimized and so much more.
  • Targeted  Discover gives you all of the holes in your lead’s marketing – so you can step in and make those easy sales – And put that profit straight into your back pocket.
  • A Diligent  Behind-the-Scenes Worker  Schedule lead searches and to run automatically, in the background, whilst you sleep and get on with the great bits of life…

IMPORTANT!  Discover is about saving you TIME – The most precious resource you have. STOP Wasting it on endlessly trying to find people to buy from you when Software can do all the leg work while you sleep. Discover is like having a whole team of people searching the internet for you all day every day –

The power of your very own work-force behind you ; Constantly looking for profitable leads ; Telling you EXACTLY what every single one of these leads NEEDS  ; And popping all those juicy leads into the PERFECT place in your funnel. So YOU can be the one to fulfill that need -Making sure it’s your pocket gets the benefit. (And not your competition!) Whilst Discover automates the entire funnel approach and selling sequence for you. Making sure you have a constant supply of new leads – Turning them from prospects,

Into customers…And customers to loyal recurring customers… Building your business, Totally on autopilot  Discover is the Lead Generation And Sales Automation Software You Have Been Waiting For. All you need to do is input one word for the people and businesses you are targeting…And set Discover to work for you on autopilot. Finding those leads 24 x 7 for you -Working out the gaps…Whether it’s a Dog Breeder that needs a new web- site…Seriously, target them – they’re some of the worst sites I’ve ever seen!)   Or a Restaurant that needs a new video advert…Or a Therapist that needs social media management…Discover will find ALL of the opportunities you could EV- ER need to fill your books AND your pockets. Adding all your leads to your chosen project and chosen pipeline at the perfect point…And selling your services to your chosen audience on au- topilot

Discover Working For You In Just 3 Steps:

Step #1: Connect  Connect To Your Autoresponders. For seamless and immediate email delivery ; Connect To Zapier  And let the power of over 700 CRM Solutions, Webinar platforms and SMS follow up tools (just to start!) handle your new leads for you. Connect To Social Networks. Like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin for personalized searches and services

Step #2: Decide  Decide on WHO your ideal customers will be (don’t worry – you can have unlimited searches running)  Where are they located, What services do they need. And then let Discover go and find them for you. Decide How often you’d like to have new leads coming in  Decide how many

Step #3: Discover   Discover that new leads have been added to your pipe- line. Discover that the best of those leads were added to your pipelines, Autoresponder sequences and CRM solutions. And DISCOVER that sales have been made to those leads again and again and again.

Discover Is an Automated Sales Team at Your Finger- tips  This is a really exciting part of Discover. It’s not just a name and email address. Discover will show you whether your leads have a website, an app, a Facebook page, a video, and so much more – So you’ll know exactly how to target those leads with your money making services.

The right leads at the right time  Whether it’s a Bake Shop that needs an app created… Or a Real Estate Broker that needs a new personalized video, Or a Golf Club that needs mobile optimization…Discover will find ALL of the opportunities you could EVER need to fill your books AND your pockets. Adding all your leads to your chosen project and chosen pipeline at the perfect point…Selling your services to your perfect audience on autopilot.

When you set your Discover searches in advance. You can do a whole month’s work in one night…Or an entire year’s work in just one weekend…And Discover will work hard behind the scenes for you – Following your every command…Automatically digging, searching and discovering leads…Adding them to your pipelines…And automatically sending them profit-making emails… Or requests to your webinars…It’s like having an entire workforce at your disposal.

DISCOVER saves you TIME! Discover NEVER gets tired. It never questions your instruction.(Plus, Discover will never use the last of the milk in the staff canteen!)  It works tirelessly and relentlessly for you – Without question.  Bringing you the results you want and need. Every time.

And Perhaps The Most Valuable Delivery: And the best bit  Now You See How Valuable Discover Is To Your Business. With Discover, You Don’t Just Find Leads. You Discover Every New Business Opportunity. You Discover A Whole New Level Of Income. And Right Now You Can Get A VERY LIMITED Charter License (Means No Ongoing Fees!)

FINALLY! Automated Software That Delivers Leads & Sales!  “Groundbreaking Sales Automation Software: Finds Your Ideal Customers, Delivers The Initial Approach And Moves Them Through Your Sales Funnel On Complete Autopilot – Saving You TIME And Delivering Results”

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