Crushing It… The 12 Rules To Marketing Success

Crushing It… The 12 Rules To Marketing Success

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From The Desk of Edmund Loh 

This is the culmination of my years as an online entrepreneur selling millions of dollars of products and services purely through the Internet.  I recount my steps from my ’56k modem’ days to living the ‘Internet freedom lifestyle’ and then materializing the business into a physical premise with full-time team..You will discover what it takes to break out of mediocrity and start getting extraordinary results whether you’re generating leads or selling your offers.

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I’ve been around since 2005 so I’ve seen quite some things come and go – and what remain time tested. This is what works for me, my clients, business associates, JV Partners, and the successful people I know… so there’s a very, very high chance it will work for you too if you follow what I call the 12 rules to marketing success.

In This Book, You Will Discover:

  • How an office boy started an online business empire with nothing more than a 56k modem
  • What all business models have in common: whether you sell your own products or promote that of other people’s, this is the very first thing you need to get down pat. Ace this and you ace the marketing game (Pg 38)
  • How to generate and validate million dollar ideas (Pg 136)
  • How to create crushing results from your online sales
  • The 12 rules to marketing success – what has remained the same all these years… (since 2005)
  • Real life case studies of ordinary folks creating extraordinary income (Pg 45, 78, 95, 128, 153)
  • 30 day action plan to develop high impact results from your online marketing (Pg 198)
  • One of top 2 skills you must have – and this skill alone can be a business in itself… if I were to start all over this is what I’d do to get everything back within a year (Pg 105)
  • How to string together a killer sales funnel that will have people buying one stuff after another from you – and are happy to do that! (Pg 146)
  • How to spawn your own ‘army’ of people working for you so you can work ON your business vs. in your business (Pg 154)
  • How to build a well-oiled money machine and make more profits in less steps. Most marketers have a habit of over-engineering and over-complicating their methods. (Pg 189)

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What to do to have money work hard for you – again, most marketers rarely ever do anything to invest their money. I show you how to have your earnings work for you (Pg 193) … And More Covered In This 231 Page Book!

And if you’re wondering why I’m doing this…

  1. This is my way of saying thanks for being a loyal subscriber.
  2. I had put off doing this for a few years… until I started seeing quite some self-anointed ‘gurus’ driving people in the wrong direction a.k.a. ‘the blind leading the blind’ I thought that was disturbing, so I decided I’m going to show you what my stuff can do for you.
  3. And when you see amazing results from applying what I have to share in my book, I know you will love my other programs.

This Isn’t An Open Ended Offer…You see, I’ve printed only less than a thousand copies of this book. When they’re gone, well… yeah, they’re gone.

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