Blogging  Will Help You Develop Your Business

Blogging  Will Help You Develop Your Business

Your motive for doing a task will determine the result you will achieve. Now why did you launch that blog of yours? Are you doing it for the money? Or maybe you are in it for the fame it offers? Or are you blogging to genuinely help people? No matter what your reason is, make sure it provides you with enough fire and drive to pass through the tough times.

Now…Some people don’t do publish blogs solely for money; but mind you, they have to factor that in to keep scores. They don’t also build blogs because they want to help people. Well, they passionate about helping people but when it comes to blogging; it doesn’t provide enough fire for them. The real drive comes from the challenge of building blogs, the processes involved, the joys of success and the pains of failure, the excitement of going head to head with the big wigs and the feeling of self actualization. They just don’t want to help people; rather, They want to sit back and know that they have done a great job helping people while building a great asset and giving the competition a slap in the face.  The reason they became an entrepreneur is because building businesses keeps them on their toes; it’s something that keeps them alive and keep their brains active. Now that’s for some people, I don’t know about you and I can’t also help you find your “why.” It is something that has to come from inside of you.

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Be an authority[1] Most gurus advise that you build a lot of blogs in several small niches. While this may work for them, I think it’s just for them. I would rather have one authority blog than 5 small niche blogs. Simply put, an authority blog makes you the blogger, an authority on the subject that your blog covers. Through your authority blog, you can get JV deals, organize seminars on the subject of your blog, start a membership site, create and sell products, grant interviews, get public speaking deals, offer services, become a coach on your subject matter and even build an offline business around your blog. In fact, the list goes on and on. Owning an authority blogs give you the blogger fortune, fame, power and respect. Believe me, I don’t think small niche blogs can give you this.

To really understand the power of authority blogs; consider Arianna Huffington. Think about John Chow, Jeremy Shoemaker, Darren Rowse, etc. This list goes on and on and on but the end point is that you should forget about building five niche blogs; focus instead on building one authority blog and you will find fortune and fame.

Blogging has become one of the best and most effective methods for marketing a business online. While there are many tremendous benefits to blogging, two stand out in particular. The first is getting free traffic to your website through search engine optimization. Turning site visitors into paying customers is the second.The more you write new posts for your blog, the more traffic you’ll get. Every piece of fresh, new content you put on your site is another opportunity to attract visitors.

Most traditional marketing is dying. When was the last time you picked up your yellow pages? Where is yours? Most businesses, when we ask them, they say it is a doorstopper or they recycled it. When was the last time you got a listing from the ads you place in the newspaper? Readership in newspapers is rapidly declining. It is expensive and no longer gets the phone to ring the way it used to.

When was the last time you watched TV looking forward to the commercials? If you are like the majority you are using DVR or TiVo and skipping right past the commercials. Companies are finding this out. When was the last time you hired a telemarketing company or did cold calling in your business? The Do Not Call list has made telemarketing a tough field. The results are not great because this is considered “interruption marketing”. The consumer is turned off by that. They want to engage on their own terms.

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 Direct Mail-We still do a lot of direct mail but truth be told, it is expensive. A good return is 1% to 2%. We get about 3% to 4% on our Expired Listing open rate and return call rates. But not all agents can afford the time and the expense of direct mail. Companies are realizing that this is still a great vehicle in which to drive offline traffic to their sites online. But most companies are not doing that.

Print Ads-When was the last time you put a listing in the homes review magazines? I see even on the shelves at Publix that the numbers of these magazines is dwindling. Most of those magazines are trying to now compete on line. The rising costs of printing are also a factor. Oil is used in print inks. Oil is used in print presses. As the price of oil raises so does the price of printing. In my product launch mastermind group there is a man who is a printer. His print shop was doing well over 2 Million in print jobs in 2009. In 2010 he saw the number plummet well below 1 million.

Email marketing by the blasting methods is pretty much out the door. With Spam Software and people reporting spam every hour you are not getting your message across in a delightful manner. Again, this is not permission based marketing. Of course the exception is in building your own list. That is still the most valuable asset you have on your computer. The fact is that only 1 out of every four businesses has a website today in 2011!!! Most brick and mortar businesses still don’t have websites.

Why Having a Blog Is Critical

If you still aren’t convinced that having a blog is important – It’s understandable your skepticism. When they first started out with building websites and trying to get traffic to them, some of them thought blogs were just for trendy hipsters with some social or politic message to spread. They couldn’t be more wrong. The fact is that a blog is the best tool you can have in your marketing arsenal. There is nothing that you can ever buy that will replace it. There is nothing you will ever find that will compliment your goals, no matter what they are, as well as a fully function and interactive blog will.

In fact, without a blog are you entirely sure what you or your business is doing online at all… So let me give you some reasons for understanding why a blog is so critical to what you do online.

Blogs are a favorite for search engines.  Blogs are a favorite for search engines, there they found contain highly unique content.  Blogger and WordPress are both optimized for search engines which means that network marketers do not have to work extra hard in order to get their blog at the top pages. Slots for keywords and tags are already premade thus allowing owners to simply input their preferred phrases and allow the search engine to do all the work, blogs typically attract visitors faster than your typical websites.

Blogs are 100% free Advertising. Blogs are 100% free thus allowing marketers to utilize it for marketing purposes without spending much money. Of course, some blogging platforms may require subscriptions as well so that users can utilize the full features of the service. However, even the most basic blogging platforms already contain everything bloggers need to make the site stand out. Blogs would also allow the upload of different media ranging from pictures, documents, music and video. This ensures that the network/internet marketer would be able to share practically anything they want with their prospects. Different applications or widgets are also available, providing extensive customization opportunities from the user.

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Communication for Clients. The chronological element of blogs makes them the perfect tool for communicating with prospects. Marketers would be able to post new updates about their company, inform others of new products or simply post interesting information that is indirectly related to the they are promoting. This open communication significantly helps network marketers when it comes to building their reputation and ultimately establishes their brand. Ultimately, blogs make it possible for you as a marketer to gain new prospects and retain the ones you already have.

There are actually a lot more reasons why you need a blog, but the three mentioned above are the top concerns of every marketer. Keep in mind that the existence of a blog is not always enough. Marketers must also make sure that the blog is updated with quality information that visitors would consider important.

Your Uniq way
Your Uniq way

Blog Will Help You Develop Your Business

One of the best things about having a blog is that people can comment on your posts. They can ask questions, or tell you how helpful it was or how much they enjoyed what you had to share. This is really critical because it allows you to have a forum with potential customers. Let’s say that you are offering a product that your blog post talks about. If someone has a question – they can leave it in a comment and you can respond to it. While that’s a great two way back and forth communication, it’s even better because anyone that comes across that page in the future will see the question and answer so they won’t have to ask you again.

But, if you stop posting, people will stop checking back and your readership will dwindle. But if you are consistent and post updates regularly, people will keep coming back to see what you have to say and in all likelihood will be more inclined to share it with others which will only grow your influence and potential customer base.  So get out there and get a blog going already.



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